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NPPC is the trade association for large business users of letter mail, primarily in First Class.  NPPC is committed to ensuring that a postal system to serve business mailers and the public comprehensively, effectively and efficiently be sustained.  With the Postal Service under severe financial stress, NPPC is working with Congress, USPS and the Postal Regulatory Commission, as well as other postal stakeholders, to achieve a solution that will address the
financial challenges.

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NPPC's 30th Year

This is NPPC's thirtieth anniversary year.  As we look back over those three decades of challenges and often difficult debate, NPPC can be proud of its accomplishments on both the macro and micro levels: in inducing USPS to be more attentive to the needs its customers, and in addressing a raft of specific policy and operational issues.  Under the leadership of folks such as Laurel Kamen, John Nolan and our current Chair, Chuck Fattore, NPPC has been a leader in promoting a more businesslike approach at USPS, defending the interests of its members, and encouraging a financially and otherwise healthy postal system, all in a respectful, collaborative where possible, manner.

Today, the challenges not only continue, but have deepened.  The ongoing financial problems at the Postal Service continue at a near-existential level.  Technology both threatens and promises to help the Postal Service, as it seeks to harness digital innovation to improve the customer experience and enhance its competitiveness. Painful restructuring and service standard changes are being digested.  Congress has yet to act to help stabilize USPS.  Given those problems, NPPC remains a leader on postal issues on Capitol Hill, maintains a strong effort before the Postal Regulatory Commission, and continues its extensive work at and with L'Enfant Plaza.

The future, as always, is uncertain.  But even in its current troubled, and reduced, state, the Postal Service is enormous and invaluable.  So, NPPC plans to continue to be very active in ensuring that the postal system remains viable, affordable and effective.  Because a sound postal system continues to be a key not only to the business success of our members, but to the health of the economy as a whole.


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